International Society for Crisis and Emergency Management
Welcome to the ISCEM Website !!!

Dear all our friends!

Long time no see! How have you been?

First of all, we, ISCEM members, welcome and thank all the visitors to our website. From 2007 ICCEM, we have tried to establish the global network system for getting good communication with close friends in another countries. Many scholars and experts around the world in the field of crisis and emergency management took part in this efforts of being friends.

We are always considering the human dignity, human right, and humanities as the most important topic of ISCEM, because there will be no need to establish crisis and emergency management, without human beings in the earth. So, we have accepted 3 topics as follows in the meantime; Global Disaster Relief Governance and Disaster Management Cooperative System for the Civil Protection, 2007; Crisis and Emergency Management in Global Society: Managing the Disaster Relief and Promoting the Disaster Management Industry, 2008; Crisis and Emergency Management in Global Society: Human Dignity, Disaster Victims' Relief, and Climate Change Response.

So far, we have conducted annual meeting and held international conference on crisis and emergency management(ICCEM) and in the future, also, we'd like to hold annual conference and special seminars continuously and provide opportunities to share an everlasting friendship that transcends our different nationality, age, religion, etc. for securing our global society's security with good global friends.

Through this website, we can make another world, we can make new friends, and we can make our sustainable future. Once again, we, all members of ISCEM, give sincere thanks to our friends, scholars and experts, who interested in and participated in the ICCEM during these past time. At same time, we welcome new visitors with our whole heart and hope you to enjoy sufficiently our website contents.

Warm regards,

The President Board Members, ISCEM
Dr. Norio Okada, Dr. Jae Eun Lee, Dr. An Chen