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[Vol. 3 No. 2] Disaster and Crisis Management System in Nepal: Problems and Prospects
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Disaster and Crisis Management System in Nepal: Problems and Prospects

Gajendra Sharma
Liaoning Technical University, China

(Abstract) Disasters and crises are highly unpredictable and they can affect communities at any time, causing substantial human suffering and loss of life. Nepal is one of the world's disaster-prone countries. The conditions in the country have made her vulnerable to various types of natural disasters such as flooding, landslides, fire, earthquakes, hailstorms, epidemics and so on. However, flood, landslide and fire hazards are particular and frequent natural disasters in Nepal. Crisis also offers a great opportunity to conservation agencies to reassess their policies, practices, and priorities and identify better options that can withstand difficult circumstances. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the existing situation of disaster and crisis management in Nepal as well as legal and policy issues associated with this and problems and prospects. The awareness on disaster risk and crisis reduction could lead to building risk and resilience communities for sustainable development of the country. Appropriate institutional mechanisms are needed to implement laws and policies effectively in Nepal. The immediate challenge is to implement the disaster and crisis measures in a period of political transition, and to move to a new system of implementation with full community participation to empower communities.

Keywords: disaster management, crisis management, political crises, legal issues, Nepal